Denise Gomez Markowski is a San Antonio, Texas based artist whose practice centers around photography. Her work has been exhibited in museums, public libraries and galleries locally and abroad with recent group exhibitions in Glasgow, Scotland and Genova, Italy. She is currently the U.S. Representative for the Leoni Art Project, a worldwide collective of surreal visionary artists. The Leoni Art Project is a nonprofit organization that provides exhibition opportunities for visual artists worldwide through free themed art-calls. Our vision is one in which artists can show their artworks in a worldwide stage free from material and spiritual borders.

Artist Statement

My work is an eclectic fusion of my vision and the landscape. I enjoy exploring the elements of nature and time to convey its connection with my identity and experiences. I use photography as a medium to create photographic narratives that are rich in atmosphere and emotion, focusing on themes inspired by passions, anxieties, dreams, memories and visions. The objective of my work is to navigate the viewer between the grey area of reality and imagination. To shine a light on the experiences of being human that connects us.

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