Beyond The Veil

October always conjures memories of the past. Perhaps it is the changing of the season, the thinning of the veil. It is a time of transformation, reflection, honoring our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on.

As I sat in my mother's room, I was distracted by powerful rays of light that overcast a nearby window. Her room is filled with objects that connect to the past. Objects that strike memories and stories of childhood. I glanced over to her mirror dresser and the reflection of a porcelain doll stared back. But this was no ordinary porcelain doll. This was a magical gift from my grandmother.

Grandma Janie was a collector of porcelain dolls. She loved ornate costume jewelry, trinkets and the scent of lavender. Little did I know that she would become and continues to be a huge inspiration for my work.

I immediately grabbed my camera and hung the doll underneath the window drapes. I wanted to capture the connection, the instant train of thought. The memory of my grandmother, the light, the obscureness, the unknown. The hidden yet apparent sign and message that she is always here.


© 2018-2020 by Denise Gomez Markowski 

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